Tips for Staging a House for Sale

While the economic situation in the world is a little uncertain, the real estate market is still going strong, so if you’re looking to sell a property, expect good results. However, even though the demand is strong, you still need to prep your property for sale and stage it to attract the attention of potential buyers. How to best stage a house? Here are a few tips that will help with the process. 

Remove clutter

Purging the space of all personal things is the first rule of staging. You want buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in the space instead of feeling like they’re snooping. Grab a few boxes, remove all family photos, knick-knacks and personalized items and store them at the garage (buyers might want to look into closets and storage space, so those are not good hiding spots). 

Deep clean the space

It’s very important to leave your space spotless, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. You can put some elbow grease into it or just call professionals, but no matter what you do, make sure to air out the space after and leave the rooms smelling neutral (some fragrances can trigger headaches, lung issues or allergies). 


Some rooms simply have a bigger effect on the buyers, so make sure to dedicate some more time to them. Rooms like the living room, master bedroom, kitchen and bathroom deserve the biggest portion of your time when it comes to decluttering, cleaning and staging. 

Go neutral

Going neutral when it comes to colours is time and money-consuming, but it’s a crucial staging step. Previous owners might have loved red walls or patterned ceilings, but these details can be major turn-offs for the general public. When staging your property, opt for neutral wall and ceiling colours such as grey, greige, white or taupe. 

Add some interest

While neutral is the best way to go, your space still needs to attract the right kind of attention to stay memorable. Your safest bet is to go small with a few decorative pieces. A subtle yet effective solution is to hang something on the wall (these are easy to put up and remove). People are usually very attracted to elegant handcrafted animal skulls, so if this type of décor fits your space, visit this page and find a piece for you. These wall-hangings are interesting and mysterious, yet not too fussy. Find a few similar pieces that fit the vibe and that’s it. 

Free some space

Open space is all the rage right now, so arrange your furniture in a way that will make your living space feel big and airy. Any extra furniture can be out in storage while you should focus on only what’s essential. What’s left should be arranged to make the rooms feel walkable, breathable and open. 

Let the light in

Bright and airy rooms are coveted today, so make sure to spend a good portion of your starting time on lighting. Open blinds, pull back the curtains and install modern and energy-efficient fixtures. Dated fixtures and shabby lamp shades will not attract any buyers. Luckily, lighting elements are pretty affordable and they bring a great return on investment. 

Green it up

Final touches are also important, so make sure to freshen up the space and introduce some life with greenery. A few plants can make a huge difference, so put them in attractive containers, space them out and voila! Decorate the kitchen table with a fresh bouquet for that extra elegance and glamour touch. 

Try these staging tips and your property will look 100% ready to welcome first potential buyers. Expect a to agree on a great price and leave the deal with some serious cash or a hefty commission in your pocket

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