Top 5 Online Income Opportunities to Become Rich in 2020

Everybody is aware of the coronavirus pandemic and how it affected the world. It’s very pathetic to talk about the health status of the world. Apart from that many people have lost their job and they are looking for income opportunities. Due to worldwide lockdown, most people are moving towards the online space for earning money.

However, many people don’t know what to do in life and search for different income sources. Some people get worried and live a miserable life. But remember worrying is not a solution. If you truly want to earn money and live a financially successful life, then read on.

Income Opportunities in 2020

There are many online income options in the market but don’t fall in any quick rich scheme. If you are looking for real income opportunities, then here are the top 5 online options for 2020.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you understand what is affiliate marketing? It’s an effective way to generate income from selling the products of other brands using an affiliate link. If you closely look at the structure of affiliate marketing, you can understand how it works. There are four essential parts in this such as the merchant, network, publisher, customer.

Now as an affiliate marketer, you are playing the role of the publisher in the whole system. To be precise, the merchant is the brand or business who is offering the product and the network is the offering of the affiliate program by the merchant.

The responsibility of the publisher is to take the affiliate program and insert a link of the product on his/her own website or social media profile. When a customer visits the profile of the publisher and clicks on the affiliate links, the publisher earns a commission offered by the merchant for each successful selling.

Invest in Cryptocurrencies

If you are interested in investing and you have some surplus money, then investing in cryptocurrencies (like bitcoin) is a great option in 2020. It can even be quite easy, especially if you use a trading robot like Bitcoin Up (was ist Bitcoin Up?). However, investing in bitcoin is risky and you can lose all your money. So, ensure that it does not affect your financial life if you lose money in the market. Bitcoin Pro is a great platform to make profits from cryptocurrencies.

Teach Online

In this pandemic situation, teaching online is also a fantastic way to provide knowledge and value to the world. If you are an expert in any field, then prepare an online course or arrange webinars to teach your audience. Remember, the key to be successful in teaching online is to provide valuable information to your audience which has some utility in real life. It can be anything like communication skills, cooking, painting, etc.

Publish eBooks

Another great option to earn money is by publishing eBooks. If you have good writing skills and have good knowledge over a topic then you can easily write eBooks and sell it on your site or in Amazon Kindle or in any other platform. Many people are earning a lot of money from selling eBooks.

Online Consultation

Online consultation is one of the best ways to provide your service to people. It does not matter which profession you belong to; you can provide consultation on your field. For example, if you are a doctor then you can provide your treatment advice online or prescribe medicines.


Everybody wants to live a carefree life with no financial stress. We dream of becoming rich and earn a lot of money so that we can buy anything we want. It’s very easy to dream and think of living a financially independent life but very difficult to do. If you truly want to be successful and rich, then chose from the above list and put consistent effort.

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