University of Liverpool to sell off halls for residential development

Liverpool University selling Halls 2020

Suggested that the current site of the Carnatic halls is no longer fit for purpose, ie to hold student, the best thing to both improve the bank balance and also help towards local housing is to put out the site for residential development.

“Operating for more than 50 years, the ageing nature of the buildings on the Carnatic site means it no longer meets the needs of our students and this has led to our decision to sell.” A University of Liverpool spokeswoman was quoted as saying.

Local neighbours have been formed of the decision and that it is likely that the site will gain a lot of interest from developers with the likelihood that the site will be transformed to take new residential premises. The area is likely to be busy over the next few years are works begin.

The site which has been closed for the past year were built in 1964.

Full story available to read on the website

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