Why Co-Living Apartments Are Becoming A Popular Place To Live

The way that we live our lives is changing – particularly if you are living in the city. No longer are people content with living in a small apartment with no space to live and work. This is particularly true since the pandemic forced many people to work from home. Due to this, there has been a large rise in co-living apartments. Co-living apartments essentially are large apartment buildings that have separate living spaces, but also a range of community areas too. It means that the flats could themselves be smaller, but they make up for this by having numerous areas to relax or work in. There are a range of examples cropping up around London, including Ten Degrees which is currently the world’s tallest modular building (you can discover more about modular buildings here), No26 and many more. Here we have put together a few reasons why co-living apartments are quickly becoming an even more popular place to live.

You can meet so many people

When you live in the city, it can be a lonely place and you might not get to meet many people. This is why co-living is great, as you get the chance to meet so many other like-minded individuals. You could be relaxing on a roof terrace, chilling in a communal lounge or walking through the lobby and you could meet a number of people who can become your friends. Some buildings offer resident events where you can meet up and get to know people in a more organised setting too.

It offers all you could need in one place

Co-living spaces are great as they have a host of amenities that you can utilise. This can include a gym, a lounge, a co-working space and a shop or cafe. By having all these places and things to do at your disposal, it means that you don’t need to leave. It can also save you money as you might have otherwise had to pay for a gym membership or a co-working space somewhere else, but with co-living you won’t need to. Check out what your building has included before moving there to make sure it has all that you need.

It creates work boundaries

When you work from home it can be easy for the lines to get blurred. You might find that you work longer hours or feel unmotivated as you are sitting in your dining room or opposite your TV. Combat this by working in a co-working space or a lounge in your building that is provided by the building. You will find that you are much more productive and get more work done. You can also meet and network with others that are working in the space and could find that you create valuable work partnerships too. What more could you need?

These are just a few reasons why co-living apartments are becoming ever more popular. Have you ever considered living in a co-living apartment? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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