Doff Grass Seed – Only 9% volume? We review Grass Seeds:

Doff Grass Seed

For those of us with gardens and those which have lawns, then you will be very familiar with the whole maintenance side of keeping that perfect looking green carpet! From those weekly cuts as we hit the summer months and especially those rainy and then hot days in July and August, to making sure when the heat waves hit we sprinkle the lawn with water to avoid heat burning… We actually spend a fair bit of time (unless we have gardeners) in maintaining the perfect lawn.

One issue that many of us have to deal with are those bare patches which come about for varied reasons to include spilt petrol, pet urine, scrapping by the blades of the lawn mower and even lawn disease. We can sometimes have small patches of earth appearing within our immaculate lawns and this is where the handy and most trusted ‘grass seed’ solutions come in to play!

For this article I wanted to review three products that are available at B&M and also Poundland so are cheap and cheerful and also quite accessible to most of us across the UK.

(All products below tested in August and given 14 days to germinate and grow.)

Johnsons Lawn Seed ‘Quick Fix’ 500g: Within a convenient hand sized cardboard package with a tear away opening giving you a sprinkle solution. It is important to note that though it is stated as Grass Seed, you in fact get a mixture of Grass Seed and Feed. This is slightly misleading as the package leads with Grass Seed and in smaller lettering underneath it states ‘Seed & Feed in One’. £2 per pack

Results: After the 14 days approximately 20% growth showing with tiny 1cm growth. Though well covered in the seed and feed, the growth is quite random.

Speedy Seed 250g Fast Acting Grass Seed: You get exactly what it says on the pack – Grass Seed! It promised results in one week and it does not disappoint. £1 per pack

Results: After 6 days germination has taken place and already pushing the soil up above it. After 14 days around 90% growth and showing around 2 cm of growth. This economical option is a fantastic solution for patches on your lawn!

Doff Super Patch Grass Seed 375g: The Super Patch wording on the package tempts you in as does the trusted name of Doff and Grass Seed is stated with no other ingredient wording on the front of the pack. When you open up (and confirmed by an email of complaint to Doff that I sent) you actually only get 9% grass seed in each pack with the rest being made up of 89% coir and 1% fertiliser. It quite literally looks like a handful of soil with hints of grass seed – Can you imagine buying a bottle of Champagne and only to get it home and learn that it is actually only 9% Champagne and the rest is Lemonade!?? £2 per pack

Results: After 14 days I can count the strand of grass showing on one hand. It really is a poor excuse for Grass Seed. They guys are certainly no fan of Ronseal #IsntWhatItSaysOnThePackage


  • Please note that this is a test done at home and I have no association with any of the companies involved in this article neither have I been paid to write for or sent samples for inclusion.

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