7 Things To Do Before Listing A Property

Getting ready to sell your property is never easy and can be overwhelming. In fact, it typically signals a major life change, and it’s something that many people do several times in their lifetime.

However, listing a property doesn’t need to be complicated.

If you want to ensure stress-free selling, the key is to be prepared and organized before listing your property. To achieve great results, make sure to do the following things:

1. Research The Real Estate Market

One of the things you should do before listing a property is to look into your area’s current real estate market. This will also help you determine the best possible value of your property, which is essential for property valuation. So, what’s a property valuation? Basically, it’s an inspection done by real estate agents to help determine the property’s current market value.

Once you understand the seller’s market, it’ll be much easier to create an anticipated time frame. However, it’s also possible to request estimates from professionals.

2. Prepare Your Documents

Before you exhaust yourself to paint the walls and change different things in your property, look for the important papers you’ll need to attract potential buyers. The operating manuals for your

HVAC system and appliances, notes regarding the paint colours you used before, and other applicable warranties are crucial. Such documents show that you have things under control, which is a plus for many home buyers.

When preparing your documents, look for your old utility bills. You may think they’re unnecessary, but low energy bills can make your home more appealing and help you sell it quickly.

3. Depersonalize And Declutter

While you like everything you have in your house, homebuyers may not think the same way. For this reason, it’s essential to declutter and depersonalize your property before listing it.

If you have things you don’t want to throw away or donate, consider renting a storage unit instead of leaving them on your property. It’s because a property with minimal touches provides a fresh appeal that buyers enjoy and love.

When depersonalizing your property, remove your children’s artwork and family photos. Make sure they’re out of sight and pack them properly so they’re ready for your new property.

4. Stage Your Home

Another thing to do before listing a property is to stage your home. When doing this, there are several things you should achieve. One is to make your property feel spacious, and the other is to have each space in your property have a function. To get results, remove the items that don’t have a critical function in your property, including extra furniture.

When staging your property, arrange it in a way that it’ll look like a showroom. To add a wow factor, you may add small decorative accents to create attractive spaces. However, it’s critical to note that you can’t store everything in your garage because other buyers pay importance to this space. If possible, rent a nearby self-storage unit or get a portable storage pod.

5. Make Repairs

When you have several things around your property that require repairs, consider fixing them before listing. Such things may include broken windows, missing tiles, and stained ceilings.

Check your property room by room and know which one requires repairs. Depending on your skills or love for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, you can fix them on your own. However, it’s still wise to work with a contractor and let the professionals do the job for you.

6. Do Deep Cleaning

Before you list your property, one of the things you should do is give it a thorough deep cleaning. Clean and swab the crannies of your property, vacuum the floor, clean your chimney and the kitchen cabinet.

If you can’t clean your property due to your hectic schedule, get a professional cleaning service. Most professional cleaning experts have the right tools and equipment to deep clean your property in no time.

7. Prioritize Curb Appeal

When potential buyers check your property, you want them to be impressed the moment they step on your lawn. Good first impressions are invaluable, so the exterior of your property is also crucial and may impact sale time.

Ensure that you have a well-maintained lawn, and you want to consider working on your shrubs, garden, and some areas that can be seen from the street. When your lawn looks clean and tidy, expect that your property will be sold as soon as you list it. Other than your home’s interior, make sure to prioritize your property’s curb appeal before listing it.


Listing your property might seem simple. While it can be done with just a few clicks, a successful property sale requires research, effort, and time. So, before you list your property for sale, make sure that it’s properly valued and presented using the above information as your guide. Remember, even minor imperfections may turn off your prospective buyers.

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