How To Update Your Estate Agency’s Office To Make More Sales

For a home buyer or renter, deciding to take on a house is massive. It’s expensive–not to mention highly impactful on their lives for a significant chunk of time following the sale. So this decision will be a carefully thought out one, with every possibility taken into account.

Choosing the right estate agent is going to be a crucial part of this. You want to ensure that the estate agent they choose is you. A million things can influence their choice–the deals you offer, how much they feel they trust you–and a lot of these things can be challenging to make work for everyone who walks through your door. But one thing you can standardize is how the office looks.

People don’t like to think they are influenced by something as frivolous as wall color or window size. Yet the truth is that everyone is influenced by their environment, and people may be more likely to take you up as their estate agent if they feel comfortable and trusted when in your office space.

So what tricks can be used to decorate an estate agency to bring in more sales?

Color palette

An essential starting point is choosing your color palette. Think about how you want your potential customers to feel. Calm? Choose blues and greys. Happy? Choose warmer colors, like yellows and oranges. Energized? Greens are perfect.

It’s good to match your color palette to your color scheme if you already have one. Speaking of…


You’ll likely already have a logo and general branding as a business. By echoing your branding within your office, you can reassure clients that you know what you are doing and that they can trust in you.

Your branding doesn’t have to be garish; you can be as simple as having a feature wall in your brand’s color or putting a sign with your logo behind the reception desk.


As with the nature of an estate agency, sometimes clients will have to wait a bit before meeting with an estate agent. Making sure they feel welcome in the space while they wait is essential. Invest in some comfortable seating–you could even invest in luxury sofas if you are often busy–so they don’t feel out of place while they wait.

It can help to get a reception desk to alleviate any anxieties clients may feel. Offer them tea or coffee while they wait, and maybe even have some biscuits on the side.


Lighting can influence the feel of a space. Incredibly bright overhead lights can be jarring. Instead, try a series of smaller lamps for when it’s darker, but rely on natural light during the day. This will reduce anxiety and help clients feel more comfortable with you.

Keep your office welcoming

By making these changes, you should find that more people feel you are trustworthy, calming, and capable of helping them find their perfect home.

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