Tips to Bring You Luck When Selling Your Home

healing crystals for selling real estate

Have you ever been in that situation when your property is just simply not selling? Maybe property have come on the market locally in between you listing yours and have sold instantly even if the same style and price as your own. I remember once having a property and we had exactly the same exasperating situation and we took to researching what could bring us more luck when selling our home. In this article I wish to share some well known and used ideas, some myths and maybe old wives tales along with what you can take out from your property that might be bringing you bad luck.

Throughout the world there will be varied approaches to gathering luck when selling property of which many are adopted within the UK.

Over in the USA, mini statues of Saint Joseph (the patron saint of real estate) will be buried in the back garden in order to bring in some luck when selling.

Though in todays quite vibrant market and especially with a serious lack of stock we may not not be needing much luck when selling, but as the market goes up and down over the years then sometimes a change of estate agency, updated photos or even a price drop will not attract us that buyer. Sometimes added luck is required and here below are some ideas which are used that you can adopt if you are struggling to sell:

  • Feng Shui is one of the popular solutions in order to bring us some luck and certainly increase our positivity. Adopted for all sorts of reasons and also for when we are selling property. Feng Shui may be Chinese in origin, it has been made popular in the west by the Japanese. The colour red represents the element of fire in Feng Shui and also seen as being lucky. Adding more red to your home will draw in the positivity with the an extra action you could take being painting your front door red in order to draw in more luck when selling your property.
  • Horse Shoes are known to be lucky and some will add one to the front door in order to increase the luckiness inside and to increase chances of selling.
  • Healing crystals are also popular with many options to chose from. Green Aventurine is often referred to as “the good luck” stone and is often used to attract money, abundance, success and relates well to selling property.
  • Burning sage is one of the oldest and and regularly used rituals for cleansing both ourselves and our personal spaces, most times people will cleanse each room of the home with the smoke from a lit stick / tightly packed bunch (of sage). Even placing sage on top of the main entrance door is sometimes mentioned.
  • Casting spells is what some will refer to and you can find ready made spells to purchase online also. This will include the glass jar containing your spell that should sit at the front / front door of your property. Want to purchase some spells or gain instructions re some rituals for selling your property, try this website here!
  • Baking cookies might be the answer! Folklore states that having a fresh batch of cookies in the oven could bring good luck before / during you show your home for sale.
  • What time of the day you sweep could effect your luck when selling your home. From South Africa comes the idea of sweeping in the morning rather than evening as the later in the day you sweep then the more good fortune you are sweeping away.
  • Remove broken clocks in your home is mentioned a few times as it is known as bad luck and tends to keep people back in life / stuck in a rut / not selling that property!

There are many other practises you can adopted that are simply to intensify your good fortune to include knocking on wood, rabbits foot, elephants and more though the above are options that are relevant to selling property.


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Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking. Internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Social Media. Writes about UK property prices, housing, politics and affordable homes.

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